Simulated patient in language competence

Participate in the language training of future health professionals

Since 2019, language skills simulated clinics (LSSC) have been offered to students in the health sciences. They give Francophone and Francophile students an opportunity to practice interviewing simulated patients to improve their language skills while studying in an English-speaking environment. Speaking French with a patient was an enriching experience for the students, one that boosted their confidence in their language skills.

During the training, you will learn what a language skills simulated patient is, their role and responsibilities and how to play this role during language skills simulated clinics. Through video- and exercise-based reading and reflection activities, you will also learn how to place yourself in the situation and respond to questions.

On completion of this online training, you will  receive a participation certificate that you will find useful when you want to take part in language skills simulated clinics. Language skills simulated clinic organizers across Canada will be more likely to select a simulated patient who has taken this training. However, this certificate does not in any way constitute an employment contract

Through this training, you will discover how you can help improve access to French language health services by helping current and future health professionals communicate better in French with their Francophone and Acadian patients.

This training was made possible through a partnership among the Réseau Santé en français de la Saskatchewan, the national Franco-santé project and the Réseau Santé – Nouvelle-Écosse.

For more information on the language skills simulated patient training, please go to the French page by clicking here.

About the module:

  • 2 hours of self-training
  • Cost = free
  • Material = a computer or a tablet are necessary to follow the module
  • Language of the module = French