You now know where to go for your long and healthy career. You can now explore the options for financing your studies. Several solutions are available to you!

  • Your personal savings
  • Income from part-time or full-time employment
  • Grant and scholarships
  • Government and financial institution loans and students lines of credit
  • Apprenticeship training and work-study programs
  • Funds from an RRSP and an RESP as well as the contribution made by your parents

Government and Provincial Funding Program

Because each person and situation is unique, situations can vary from year to year and semester to semester. The best way not to go missing a stock exchange is to apply on the Government of Nova Scotia site. Only one form is needed to apply for grants from the provincial and federal government so don’t wait!

Establishment and faculty scholarship

To make sure you find the scholarship that’s right for you, you can search the following sites :

These sites are a good addition to finding a scholarship and reducing the cost of your diploma

Acadia University - AU

  • Acadia University - AU
  • Blue Cross Medavie

  • Blue Cross Medavie
  • Cape Breton University

  • Cape Breton University - CBU
  • Mount Saint Vincent University - MSVU

  • Mount Saint-Vincent University - MSVU
  • Nova-Scotia Community College - NSCC

  • Collège Communautaire de la Nouvelle-Écosse - NSCC
  • Universite Sainte-Anne

  • Université Sainte-Anne