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Bonjour! program

The Bonjour! program is open to employees, physicians, learners or volunteers working for Nova Scotia Health or the IWK Health Centre who are able to provide at least some level of service in French. By participating in the Bonjour! program, health care professionals can let members of the public know that they can offer services in French. Bonjour! program materials include desktop signs, posters and lapel pins.

If you are an employee of Nova Scotia Health, you can get in touch with the person responsible for French-language services at or 902-220-7886 to order Bonjour! program materials or for more information. Employees of the IWK Health Centre and of other provincial government entities can contact Acadian Affairs and Francophonie.

“Bonjour / Hello” program

The Bonjour-Hello program is a series of tools that allows people working in the health field to inform their patients/clients that they can serve them in French. By wearing a pin or displaying the Bonjour-Hello logo in their workplace, health care professionals are showing their commitment to meeting their patients/clients’ needs and offering safe, quality, patient-centred services.

A number of tools bearing the logo, including pins, posters, stickers for windows, desktop signs and small stickers, among others, are available free of charge to health care professionals in Nova Scotia.

The Bonjour-Hello pin for students in health programs

Réseau Santé has created a special version of its Bonjour-Hello logo for students in health programs. People studying in the health care field at the post-secondary level who speak French can wear the pin to promote the fact that they can serve their patients in French. Students can also take advantage of other resources and initiatives (page in French only).

Anki Flash cards

The lexicon is also available as a set of Anki flashcards to students across the country. Download the Anki app to learn hundreds of French medical terms and phrases quickly and easily! See the instructions or watch this video for more information on installing and using the Anki app on your computer or mobile device.

English-French Phrase Book for Health Professionals

This phrase book was developed to help health care professionals in Nova Scotia provide their services in French. It features useful phrases and terms for health care settings in English, French and Acadian French and covers various functions and areas of health care, including assessments, tests and procedures, medications, paramedic care, providing care to children, mental health, social services, etc. The phrase book can be ordered free of charge by health care professionals in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Directory of French-speaking Health Professionals

This provincial directory of more than 350 health care professionals that can provide services in French is used by members of the community to find practitioners in over 35 different fields. Health care professionals in Nova Scotia can sign up for the directory for free by completing the sign-up form.