Réseau Santé – Nouvelle-Écosse has produced videos to highlight the importance of active offer and taking patients’ language into account. Each of the cases was inspired by real events and facts.

Take time to read about each case and choose two from the six. These videos will provide a short break during your training, while offering you a window into a situation that you could one day face.

Case 1 : Young Immigrant with an Allergy

When a young immigrant experiences severe stomach cramps, a visit to the hospital is needed. Let’s see how a lack of understanding can lead to an exacerbation of the patient’s condition.

Case 2 : Shy Nurse

When an anglophone doctor meets a francophone patient, he is faced with a language barrier. He then asks for francophone staff, but out of shyness the nurse does not dare speak up. Let’s see what happens in this case.

Case 3 : Anglophone on Vacation in Quebec

We all have a right to a vacation. Let’s see what happens when an English-speaking couple goes on vacation and the wife becomes ill. How will her husband react when faced with emergency services in French ?

Case 4 : A Father and His Daughter

A father who is new to Nova Scotia receives a phone call from the after-school childcare centre to inform him that his daughter had a fall and was taken to the emergency department. Let’s see how a language barrier can jeopardize this situation for a newcomer to Nova Scotia.

Case 5 : Anglophone Student on Vacation in Africa

When an English-speaking student goes on vacation, he wants to relax and take full advantage of his annual break. However, what happens when he falls ill in a non-English-speaking country? How could the language barrier put his vacation and his health at risk?

Case 6 : Acadian Retiree

An Acadian retiree who is perfectly bilingual gradually starts to develops memory problems. How does language affect his comfort and end of life when he is taken into a health care facility?