Online training

Workshop “Patient safety, language and active offer”

This workshop covers the history of Acadians, current immigration, the importance of offering health care in the patient’s language and tools to implement active offer!

  • Duration = 2 hours
  • Format = via ZOOM or face-to-face
  • Cost = free of charge
  • Hardware = a computer or tablet is needed to follow the module
  • Language of the module = French and English

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Any questions? We have the answers!

Do I need to register for the training course?

Yes. Registering will enable you to track your progress and receive your certificate once you complete the introduction and the six modules. If you work for a Health Service Provider, your employer may also register you as part of training they require or suggest you complete.

I am a Health Service Provider and I want my employees to complete the training. Do they have to register individually?

People can register individually and forward their certificate to their employer.

For Health Service Providers that need to register more than a few employees we can create a group with a special account that allows you to register a list of people in a few simple steps. This account also allows you to see when people receive their certificate. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us with the form on the “Contact” page or give us a call.

May I follow the training course at my own pace?

Yes. Your progress is saved each time you click the “Mark completed” button on the bottom of each page. When you come back to the website and go to your dashboard, the “Resume” button brings you back to your last viewed page.

Can I follow the training in English and French at the same time?

No, unfortunately your progress is saved separately for the two versions of the training. If you started the training in one language and would like to continue in the other language, contact us with the “Contact” form and we will transfer you progress to the other language.

Can I return to the training at any time to review the information?

Yes, once you complete the training you can browse the modules freely to review the information at any time.