Patient safety, language and active offers

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Members of the Acadian and Francophone communities are closely tied to Nova Scotia’s history but also to its future. With a growing number of francophones – over 10% of the population speaks French – taking into account the language of the patient is a necessity to ensure reliable, safe and patient-centered health care.

Through 3 modules, come and discover the history of Acadians and Francophones, understand the importance of language in health care delivery and discover how – thanks to the tools available – it is easy to actively offer services in French to patients who need them!

Download the module map by clicking here!

Two options for taking the course:

  • In “self-training” via our learning platform
  • With one of our trainers, online or in your establishment.

About the workshop

  • 2 hours of self-training
  • 3 Hours with our trainers
  • Cost = free
  • Material = a computer or a tablet are necessary to follow the module
  • Language of the module = French and English

Through this training, discover the essential difference to the patient when their language is taken into account and become a champion for more equitable health care for minority communities.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register for the course?

To follow the online module at your own pace, registration to the platform is mandatory to follow your progress in the modules and receive your certificate once all the assessments are passed.

For the module with a trainer, it is necessary to discuss with the trainer beforehand to agree on a date, place, number of people, etc…. participating in the training.

How much does it cost to take one of your courses?

Our training, online or in person, is free. There is no charge for self-paced training or for having one of our trainers come to your facility. However, the cost of having one of our trainers come to your location is contingent on the number of people attending.

In what language is the training given?

Our training, online or in person, can be given in French or English.

What is the duration of the training given by your trainers

Usually, we recommend that the session last 3 hours, in order to allow time for reflection and exchange. However, we can adapt the duration of our training sessions to your availability.

I am a health care provider and I want to have my employees take the training. Do they have to register individually?

People can register individually and send their certificate to their employer.

For providers who would like to register more than a few employees, we recommend that you take the module with a trainer, as this will add interactivity and reflection to the training. Our trainers will agree with you on the best time to share this great experience and train your employees. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes. Your progress is tracked each time you click the “mark complete” button for a page. Upon returning to the dashboard, the “Resume Training” button will take you back to the last page you viewed.

Can I take the training in both languages at the same time?

No, unfortunately your progress is recorded separately for the English and French versions of the course. If you started the course in one language and want to do it in the other language, contact us through the “Contact Us” form and we can transfer your progress to the other language.

Can I return to the course at any time to review the information?

Yes, once you have completed the training you will still have access to all the modules and can browse freely to review the information. A summary and key points of the training will also be accessible and downloadable at the end of the training.

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t answer my question…

Our team is here to answer all your questions: contact us and someone from our team will contact you.