Websites and apps for learning French online

These websites and mobiles apps will allow you to learn useful phrases and vocabulary in French for offering health care services:

• French as a Second Language for Health Care Sector Staff (Université Sainte-Anne)
• The Medi-Lexico apps are a series of five mobile apps, available for Android and iOS devices, which provide medical terminology in French and in English in five health care fields (nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, dental care, radiology and respiratory therapy).
• The Med Interpret app is a quick and simple tool for finding French equivalents of medical terms and phrases commonly used in a medical context on your smartphone. The app assists physicians, nurses, techniciens, physiotherapists and other health care professionals in communicating with their French-speaking patients.
• The LexiGo app provides quick access to useful health care terms in French and English, which can be accessed without an internet connection on a smartphone or tablet (it is available for iPhone/iPad on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices).