Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology


Les informations ci-dessous apparaissent qu’elles ont été envoyées par les ordres professionnels ou les partenaires référents. Elles indiquent les étapes nécessaires à suivre afin de pratiquer en Nouvelle-Écosse lorsque votre profession est réglementée. Contactez directement l’ordre professionnel pour toute question.

If the degree/s was/were obtained from an International Institution, here is a brief outline of the process to have them evaluated and to register with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP) :

  • You must complete the online application process for international applicants with ACPRO and request that ACPRO forward your completed application package to the NSBEP, the Board would examine your degree and experience in relation to these criteria.
  • Once the Board of Examiners has completed its assessment of your application materials provided through the completion of the process with the ACPRO Portal, you will be contacted in writing. To facilitate this communication, the registration decision will be sent to you via email.

Link to the section of our website for further clarification and more information:
This includes all details about the application process, including the registration criteria of NSBEP.

NSBEP like most other Canadian regulators now uses the ACPRO portal process for internationally trained applicants.

Our information for internationally trained psychologists looking to be registered in Nova Scotia can be found here:

A flowchart for international applicants can be found here:

And here is a link to our Language Proficiency Policy:

While the working language in the health sector in Nova Scotia is English, we have some registrants who work primarily with Francophone Nova Scotians. Of course, because of the nature of psychological services, psychologists would be expected to be sufficiently fluent for the population(s) they are providing services to.


Informations et reconnaissance des diplômes :