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Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists


Les informations ci-dessous apparaissent qu’elles ont été envoyées par les ordres professionnels ou les partenaires référents. Elles indiquent les étapes nécessaires à suivre afin de pratiquer en Nouvelle-Écosse lorsque votre profession est réglementée. Contactez directement l’ordre professionnel pour toute question.

Here is a link to our registration materials for IEPTs  There may still be reference to the clinical component of the national exam in some of the resources (I just saw that it is referenced in the flow chart).  That exam is currently unavailable, and we have an interim process in place as a replacement.  The details for the interim process are available here  Also, our fee structure is updated here, in the event of any discrepancies with other published resources.  Our credentialling process is completed by our national organization (CAPR and there are links to their site).

For IEPTs the starting point is the Canadian Alliance of PT Regulators. The main CAPR link CAPR – Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (  goes to a home page with more information on coming to Canada and the language proficiency accepted nationally by Physiotherapy regulators

The place to start for NS is Internationally Educated – Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (

But there is also New Graduate or IEPT (Credentialled) – Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists ( and Overview – Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (


Contact informations et reconnaissance des diplômes :