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Puce3 Health related vocabulary list 

Lecture 3 Click here to have a look at a brief excerpt 

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Puce3 Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat 

Link-icon From Bonjour to Au revoir - Usual expressions on the telephone


 Puce3 "Les mots pour parler des maux" - Lexicon to describe health conditions 

Lecture 3 Click here to have a look at the document

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Puce3 CNFS

 Link-icon Formation d'adaptation culturelle



Puce3 Francophones of Newfoundland and Labrador

Link-icon Passeport Santé


Puce3 Acadian Affairs of Nova Scotia

Link-icon The "Bonjour !" program 


Puce3 Liens Utiles

Link-icon Useful Links


Puce3 Directory of French-language services

 Link-icon List of French-speaking healthcare professionals in Nova Scotia